Carleton Place father and son review food trucks as summer project

Wesley Parsons (right) and his son Noah (left)
Wesley Parsons (right) and his son Noah, 13, are reviewing Carleton Place food trucks as a summer project. Photo from Facebook.
Posted on: July 10, 2017

Jane Hobson

What does it take to be a food master? For a Carleton Place father and son, the three main ingredients are a chip truck, a camera and a couple of hearty laughs.

Wesley Parsons and his 13-year-old son Noah started reviewing local food trucks in early May as a summer project.

“We usually go to the location, order the food, turn the camera on and then it’s really just us goofing off,” said Parsons, who used to own a food delivery service in Carleton Place.

Self-declared foodies, the pair usually orders what the food truck owner recommends. “Sometimes it’s pizza, sometimes it’s French fries, sometimes it’s burgers,” Parsons said.

Nothing brings a smile to your face like a shaky video of a father and son dropping food on their shirts and giggling at themselves. “Noah has a great sense of humour and very good timing,” Parsons said laughing. “He’s a riot.”

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from a Food Masters video; dripping poutine boxes, spilled root beer, no use of napkins whatsoever (the finger-licking-shirt-wiping method is preferred), witty banter, moments of laughter with absolutely no dialogue and the occasional guest-blogger.

All the while informative and entertaining.  

Parsons and Noah rate each food truck on a scale out of 10 after the meal – or sometimes half way through a mouthful. They comment on the quality of the fries, the flavour and consistency of the gravy and the stringiness of the cheese curds. They discuss the crunch of the chips and the shape of the burger bun. They also take into consideration the price of the meal, the wait time after ordering and the seating area at the food truck.

Noah researched and taught himself how to use iMovie to lightly edit the videos that he then uploads to their Food Masters Facebook page, which has a five-star rating and more than 200 likes. The duo has posted three videos so far. They are each about five minutes long and have as many as 4,000 views.

Food Masters fans often comment on the Facebook videos and make suggestions of chip trucks they should visit, which Parsons said they love. He said some chip truck owners have even reached out to Food Masters to request a visit.

“It gives us the chance to do something fun together – and chip trucks are local and seasonal so we thought this was perfect,” Parsons said. “Noah is homeschooled so we’re always looking for projects he wouldn’t encounter in a normal school.”

Parsons does a lot of hands-on lessons with Noah and they are always fun-infused; shooting pool, skiing, or driving a bucket of balls. Food Masters is Noah’s tastiest project yet.

Parsons and Noah have about six more chip trucks to visit before Labour Day weekend. “We are planning a live finale at the end when we’ll return to our favourite [food truck],” said Parsons. “We’re having a lot of fun and that’s the key ingredient.”

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  1. Don hamilton

    Go to buds spuds in Carleton place and get the whistle dog or the mafia burger they are awesome

  2. Caitlin

    Potato king in Carleton place is the best. Gravey is the bomb and you always get a bunch. Cheese is great very cheesey. Rick is the best. Check it out.
    U won’t be disappointed. 😊

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