Charges and arrests make for a busy weekend for Smiths Falls police

Smiths Falls Police
Posted on: August 24, 2016

Submitted by Smiths Falls Police Department

Domestic Charges
On Aug. 4, police responded to a reported domestic incident in Smiths Falls. A 29 year old North Bay male was arrested and charged with two counts of assault. He was later released from custody to reside in North Bay.

Man’s frustration leads to charges
A male who lives in the downtown core of Smiths Falls became frustrated on Aug. 5 due to headlights of parked cars shining in his residence. The 61-year-old proceeded to smash the headlights on the cars with the drivers inside. He was later arrested and charged with mischief

Impaired driving incident
Smiths Falls police responded to an OPP request on Aug. 11 to be on the lookout for a possible impaired driver. Smiths Falls officers later located the vehicle and the operator was suspected of being over the legal limit. The 30-year-old female refused to provide a breath sample and was later charged for that refusal. She was released with a future court date.

Disturbance charges
On Aug. 13 police were on an unrelated call when they came across a male causing a disturbance. The male refused to comply with officers requests to stop causing the disturbance and he was arrested at the scene. A 30-year-old Smiths Falls male was charged with cause disturbance and possession of marijuana. He was later released with a future court date.

Wanted person arrested
On Aug. 15 an officer on regular patrol came across a male known to be wanted by police. The male was arrested and later turned over to the Ontario Provincial Police.

Smiths Falls Police Service urges anyone with further information regarding these incidents, or similar incidents, to contact our service at 613-283- 0357. Information may be provided anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800- 222-TIPS (8477).