Tips to freeze out the winter blahs

Sarah Cavanagh When life gives you grey, cool days fight back with bright colours, gingerbread and a party. Well something like that. November is the month when the days are shorter and colder. We think longingly of summer vacation, are bogged down in back to school routines, or for some, try to come to terms […]

Free language and literacy skills help available for families

Submitted Sometimes when children start junior kindergarten it becomes clear that they are struggling with speech, language, or literacy skills. The start of JK is also when problems with stuttering often start or get worse. Check your child’s speech and language development using the checklists on the Language Express website or contact Language Express for […]

You are what you eat

Dr. Katie Weststrate, MScCH, RYT, ND For most of us, food, and the act of eating, serves many roles. Foremost, we rely on food to nourish our physical bodies, to provide the essentials for growth and function. Increasingly I see patients who have become distanced from this awareness. We take food for granted, eating solely […]

Teach kids how to be part of their community

Sarah Cavanaugh Congratulations! We’ve survived the first month of back to school. September has come and gone with its new routines, after school activity schedule, and in some cases, the first of the school year bugs (crawling and viral). It is officially autumn and the world is exploding with Pumpkin Spice and Christmas countdowns. I […]

Garden Matters: 10 tips for preparing your lawn and garden for winter

Gemmell’s Garden Centre Falling leaves signal the beginning of the fall clean up season. Maybe you haven’t spent that much time in the garden over the past few weeks with the kids going back to school or you have managed to get away enjoy the last bit of summer beautiful, but there are a lot […]

Fifth annual Highlands Hunt Adventure Race set for Oct. 7

Picture this: you’re scrambling to horizontally across a ladder that is set between two trees in the middle of the forest. As sweat drips off your brow, you’re focused on reaching for the next rung. With hands clasped together, your partner quietly watches from the ground. Suddenly, you hear hooves trotting throughout the adjacent fields just […]