From Lebanon to Portland: The story of a reverend and her journey to the ministry

Sally Smith Walk into Reverend Takouhi’s front door in Portland and you immediately see towels, neatly folded and placed between the legs of a small entrance table. Even before starting the interview, Reverend Takouhi tells the story of her two dogs — Maya and Duke — both golden retrievers, both now having passed on. […]

Working backwards to move forwards with our health

Dr. Robert Rodine On Jan. 1 every year, gym memberships rise and sales at the health food store increase as people embark on a ‘new year-new you’ adventure. But not all resolutions are the syndicated weight loss or smoking cessation target. Sometimes, a resolution can be an experience rather than a destination. While some people will […]

Keeping students safe is paramount for STEO

Christine Peets   When parents and kids wake up to news reports that the school buses aren’t running due to bad weather, they may have different reactions. Kids may be happy to miss school for a ‘snow day’; parents may have to put a contingency plan in place to make sure their kids will be […]

Sport drinks do more harm than good in youth, push water

Submitted by Dr. Mark Czubak Every year our local coaches and schools educate our young people to hydrate themselves during the school day and in preparation for sporting events. After recently reading an article published by the Canadian Pediatric Society about its findings on the use of sport drinks and caffeine energy drinks as consumed […]

Tips to freeze out the winter blahs

Sarah Cavanagh When life gives you grey, cool days fight back with bright colours, gingerbread and a party. Well something like that. November is the month when the days are shorter and colder. We think longingly of summer vacation, are bogged down in back to school routines, or for some, try to come to terms […]

Free language and literacy skills help available for families

Submitted Sometimes when children start junior kindergarten it becomes clear that they are struggling with speech, language, or literacy skills. The start of JK is also when problems with stuttering often start or get worse. Check your child’s speech and language development using the checklists on the Language Express website or contact Language Express for […]