Garden Matters: Fall gardening bring benefits to spring flowers

Kelly Heath Gemmell’s Garden Centre It may be the end of summer but it is definitely not the end of gardening. There is still plenty of time to add a few more plants to your garden, divide perennials or plant a tree. Fall is a great season for planting with less heat during the day […]

Healthy hormones: Get back on track

Dr. Jennifer Keller, ND and Dr . Alex Keller, ND Hormones play an important role in women’s health. Healthy hormone balance can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Common symptoms of hormonal imbalance that we see are: Low energy Irregular menstrual cycles Low libido Acne Weight gain or difficulty losing weight Infertility Feelings of overwhelm […]

Arts education has lasting benefits beyond school years

Christine Peets “Art in and of itself is a basic human activity and children are all inherently creative, so we want to nurture that in a forward-thinking culture.” That was arts educator Gabriel Deerman’s first thought when asked about the main benefits of arts education. Deerman is an Ontario College of Teachers and Internationale Baccalaureate […]

Health unit promotes tool to help parents manage mealtimes, child activity

Submitted by LGLDHU Do you have, care for, or work with a toddler or preschooler? Are you curious about a child’s eating habits? Are you looking for tips to make mealtimes easy or get kids excited about eating veggies? NutriSTEP® is a no-cost questionnaire that covers children’s eating, physical activity and screen time habits. The […]

Adjusting to back to school routines

Sarah Cavanagh It’s the hap-happiest time of the year — back to school season is upon us and after a summer clunking around the house, some families are eager to see their small residents off to school for the day once again. Personally I have a tough time with back to school. I love summer […]

Late Summer Style in the Garden

Kelly Heath Manager & Garden Designer Gemmell’s Garden Centre In many of gardens June is usually the most spectacular show for shrubs and perennials but in my opinion the late summer garden can be equally as fabulous if you choose the right plants. This year with all of the rain many gardeners are rediscovering how […]