Local pantry brings small door fun to Smiths Falls

Judy Abromeit (left) and Meghan Brennan, crouch by the NOAL Pantry small door.
Judy Abromeit (left) and Meghan Brennan, crouch by the NOAL Pantry small door.
Posted on: September 13, 2017

Sally Smith

Judy Abromeit has thrown down the gauntlet and is challenging other businesses to join in on a little fun. It wont cost a lot, it wont take a lot of time, it will be fun and colourful and it will make your business stand out.

Abromeit is a NOAL Pantry employee and as a way to attract customers to their new location at 6 Russell Street E she persuaded her boss, Laurie Anne Brennan, to let her put a tiny, wee, door on the front facade of the business.

The door is only about a foot high, is painted bright turquoise, has its own address (1/6 Russell St. E.), and unless youre looking for it, you might pass it by.

Abromeit says there are a lot of creative people in Smiths Falls, and shes suggesting that every business, municipal building, church, school, and even the arena have its own small door.

She created the NOAL door by using bits and pieces she found in her garage. The only real time it took was waiting for the glue and paint to dry.

The tiny door idea isnt a new one, but its new to Smiths Falls. There are fairydoors on trees and businesses in towns and cities like Guelph, Toronto, and throughout the United States.

Abromeit thinks the towns tiny door initiative be called Small Doors of Smiths Falls, and says this fun idea could do more than just add whimsy to the town.

Abromeit thinks this could boost the arts community if businesses seek to ask artists to get involved in the design and painting of the doors, and to help build a cohesive business community spirit.

Abromeit is first challenging the businesses along Russell St. Once those small doors are up and on view, she hopes the challenge will be taken up by other businesses in town.

Doors can be as fanciful, tasteful, bizarre or plain as the creator makes them; they can relate a message — hours of business, depict what the business is, or just be a bright spot along the street.

Some  doors will be more elaborate than others. They can go outside or in. They can be a copy of the front door of the business,” she says, or be completely new and original.

So, who’s up for the challenge?

Smiths Falls Small Door at NOAL Pantry on Russell Street.

Smiths Falls Small Door at NOAL Pantry on Russell Street.

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