Perth’s Tiny House & Green Home Festival

Perth's Tiny House Festival.
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Posted on: April 16, 2018

Janelle Labelle

Ontario’s first Tiny House & Green Home Festival is popping up right here in our backyard. The event offers festival-goers an opportunity to tour tiny houses, explore green home technologies, and consider new strategies for social housing. There will be children’s activities, music, and food. The Century 21 Perth Tiny House & Green Home Festival runs from 9am-4pm on April 21, at the Perth campus of Algonquin College.

Why can’t we get enough of this wildly popular tiny house trend?  What is the appeal of condensing a spacious home down to 200 square feet? Tiny homes are more than a novelty; these small but mighty architectural gems check a lot of important boxes: they are cleverly designed, environmentally friendly, and economical. They can be custom designed, built off-grid or on, they can be mobile or stationary.

Tiny houses are not just small homes: they are deliberately designed to make maximum use of the smallest space possible – both in size and in environmental impact. They are poised to make a huge social impact as well: tiny houses are proposed as one of a variety of solutions to homelessness, as tiny houses are less expensive to create and require smaller lots than traditional size dwellings.  Along with their architectural and social appeal, in an increasingly environmentally conscious culture, the tiny house lifestyle has a natural allure. Many eco-friendly technologies have been developed to fit the needs of tiny houses while keeping carbon footprints to a minimum.

If you’ve ever been curious about tiny house living, or wonder about making greener choices in your own living space, the Perth Tiny House and Green Home Festival is something you’ll definitely want to check out. This is Ontario’s first Tiny House festival, and will include a variety of tiny houses to tour, exhibits, and speaker sessions. Both commercial and private tiny houses will be present, with a variety of features to view and discover.  The current tiny-house line-up includes Bear the Tinker’s Caravan, Newmanville Carriageworks Tiny House, Tiny Town Association’s Logan32, Shannon Burchell’s Tiny House, Ben Hyward’s Tiny House, Planet Structures, and Renovated Trailer.

Speakers will cover such topics as Municipal Planning: Working with Local Council; Social Housing; and New Technologies. Among the New Technologies speakers will be Chris Magwood, who built the first off-grid, straw bale home in Ontario and is currently co-founder and director of the Endeavour Centre for Innovative Building and Living, co-editor of the Sustainable Building Essentials series and author of several books including Making Better Buildings. Other speakers will include Ross Elliott, co-owner of HomeSol Building Solutions, who will address energy conservation design, and Kris Bailey of Dwellings, a company that designs and builds houses using new eco-friendly technologies.

This one-of-a-kind event was the brainchild of Mary Stewart, from The 2 Marys Inc.  The 2 Marys are Perth-based events planners with a focus on bringing a wide array of fun and appealing community events to Lanark County. Tickets to the April 21 event may be purchased at:  Anyone within driving distance of Perth, Ontario, who would like to bring a tiny house to this event or be a speaker, exhibitor or volunteer should please contact The 2 Marys Inc. at 613-264- 2934 or email

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