Rideau Lakes councillor candidate – Kris Sheldon

Kris Sheldon
Kris Sheldon
Posted on: September 14, 2018

Kris Sheldon Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name: Kris Sheldon

Municipality: Township of Rideau Lakes

Position Sought: Councillor

Currently Retired or Working (where?): Retired

Former Elected Positions/Terms if applicable: N/A

Community volunteer experience (service clubs, local committees, fundraising, etc): Food Bank Fund( Sheldon’s Landing) Portland

Top 3 issues facing your municipality and its residents that council has control or major influence over: Tourism, customer service and taxes

Your solutions/approach to those 3 issues:

Tourism: It is extremely necessary to encourage more tourism which is our largest industry by far. I intend to address this issue by working closely with others to improve on how advertising and promoting is done

Customer service: This needs to be improved in the township. I will encourage council to look closely at these services in every department of the township.

Taxes: I believe that encouraging more small development both residentially and commercially is required to help offset these taxes over the next four years

Do you own (or have a stake in) or operate a commercial/industrial business in your municipality? (Including vacant development lands or rental units): I own property in Ward 1 of Rideau Lakes.

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