Sand and salt shed contract awarded

Troy Dunlop
Troy Dunlop Photo Credits: Howaida Sorour-Roberts
Posted on: August 22, 2016

By Howaida Sorour-Roberts

Smiths Falls Council has passed a motion to award the contract for the construction of a new sand and salt storage shed on Air Care Drive to Wright Development.

The town received two bids from contractors interested in building the shed, and  both tenders met the town’s requirements, but the Wright Development bid was for $276,754 compared to 318,670 from AWD contractors according to a report filed by Troy Dunlop, director of Smiths Falls public works and utilities.

“Wright have built five other similar structures in the Lanark, they have provided great service to other municipalities and we’ve only heard good things,” said  Dunlop addressing the Smiths Falls Special Committee of the Whole held on July 18 before the regular council meeting.

According to Dunlop the total project, including engineering and site preparation, interior paving and electrical supply and inspection with a five per cent contingency will bring the total to $375,000.

“We had budgeted $425,000 so we expect to realize a surplus of $49,975,” said Dunlop.

At the end of the presentation Dawn Quinn, Smiths Falls councilor asked for clarification on the reason why the salt shed needs an asphalt floor instead of concrete and the life expectancy of such a facility.

“Asphalt stands up better to chlorides,” explained Dunlop, “and the warranty of the building is 15 years, but other structures of that type have been known to last for 20 and 25 years.”

Dunlop’s presentation was well received and council members opted to move ahead with awarding the contract at the regular council meeting that followed.

Photo Credits: Howaida Sorour-Roberts