200th anniversary initiative by Beckwith Township to stand the test of time

Posted on: October 26, 2016

By Dianne Pinder-Moss

What should be encapsulated in Beckwith Township’s time capsule?

That’s the question that is being posed to the township’s residents as its Heritage Committee undertakes this initiative as part of Beckwith’s 200th anniversary celebrations this year.

“We just thought, especially after doing the book and all the different things from the history of Beckwith, it would be important to preserve a little bit of today’s culture that will be tomorrow’s history,” says Reeve Richard Kidd who is part of the committee. Other committee members are councillor Tim Campbell and his wife Rosemary, councillor Faye Campbell, councillor Brian Dowdall, David Scott, Nicola Mains, Leona Kidd, Jackie Kavanagh and Jennifer Irwin.

According to Kidd, the idea for the initiative was inspired in part by a time capsule that was opened in 2002 at the former St. Paul’s United Church in Franktown when the church celebrated its 100th anniversary. The two quart glass sealer, which had been placed in a side wall of the church during its construction in 1902, contained stamps, communion and other coins, as well as framed newspaper clippings.

Although the township’s time capsule is an initiative of the Heritage Committee, the intention is that it will be a community endeavour. Anyone with ideas on what should be in the capsule is invited to contact the committee through the township office at 613-257-1539 or email Cassandra McGregor, township recreation director, at cmcgregor@twp.beckwith.on.ca. As well, committee members will be approaching staff and students at Beckwith Public School and Calvary Christian Academy for their input. The deadline for feedback is Oct. 1.

The decision on what items get placed in the time capsule will be made by the committee sometime this fall.

“We definitely will be putting in some information about the celebrations that have taken place this year,” Kidd said. “I’m sure a copy of the Beckwith Beaver (the township’s quarterly newsletter) will be put in.” As is likely a copy of the 224-page book, Beckwith Then And Now, which was one of the legacy projects for Beckwith’s 200th.

In terms of where the special metal cylinder for the time capsule will be placed, Kidd said the location will be Beckwith Park, probably near the historical log barns.

“We’re pretty sure it’s something that’s going to be around for a long time,” he said in explaining the site choice.

The hope of the committee is that the time capsule will be sealed and re-opened every 25 years.

“The committee decided to open it every 25 years so each generation would see it,” Kidd said.

Photo by Dianne Pinder-Moss: A copy of the 224-page book, Beckwith Then And Now, which was one of the legacy projects for Beckwith’s 200th anniversary this year, is likely to be one of the items placed in a time capsule that is being done as part of the anniversary celebrations.