24/7 Anytime Fitness opens in Perth in October

Julie Holmes.
Julie Holmes is co-owner and general manager of the new Anytime Fitness club opening in Perth on October 1. Photo credit: Matthew Behrens.
Posted on: September 15, 2017

Matthew Behrens

Area residents needing an exercise fix at any time of day or night will soon be able to access everything from weightlifting to cross-training cardio machines when Anytime Fitness opens on Oct. 1 at 58 Wilson Street in Perth (next to Brownlee’s Metro).

As the newest member of a global franchise with over 3,000 locations dedicated to creating welcoming and supportive workout spaces, first-time business owner Julie Holmes is excited to see a strong response from local residents eager to sign up as new members. Holmes says a six-week pre-sale beginning in August will provide discounted rates to the first 100 people who join the club.

“When you sign up here, you can access any club worldwide, so it’s a nice benefit for people who travel,” says Holmes. Born and raised in Ottawa, where she spent much of her time training as a figure skater, Holmes later received a degree in physical education. She then moved to Houston, Texas in 1994 to run a figure skating program for 24 years. As part of that job, she coordinated a learn-to-skate program for 800 young people, as well as a competitive skating regimen for 150 more.

“But the tug in my heart to come home and be with family became a little overwhelming,” she says, and when Holmes and her brother-in law learned about the opportunity to open an Anytime Fitness franchise location, they thought it was a perfect fit given his background in bookkeeping and her dedication to physical fitness.

All members will receive a key fob to enter the club at any time, with staffing and personal trainers provided during regular business hours. Holmes reassures those with concerns about entering the facility overnight and during the early morning hours by saying there will be security cameras as well as panic buttons directly connected to 911 located inside the facility, with additional panic buttons available to take out to club members’ vehicles.

While Perth is already home to a number of gyms including the Perth Athletic Club and Industry Fitness Perth (formerly Tay River T’NT), neither provides the kind of hours available at Anytime.

“That 24/7 access seems to be one of the biggest attractions for people making inquiries about the new club,” Holmes says. “People are asking, ‘You mean I can really come in at 5 am if I want to?’ And of course, the answer is, ‘Absolutely!’”

In additional to that flexibility, Holmes says Anytime Fitness will be “a club that makes a space for those folks who sometimes can feel intimidated in this type of setting. It’s a community where everyone, regardless of age or size, feels welcome and comfortable. We also seek to provide that little bit extra in customer service and personalized interaction too.”

Holmes says her new location will feature brand new equipment and free weights produced by fitness industry leader Precor. After working up a sweat, members will be able to access showers and private change rooms as well.

With monthly rates ranging from $40 to $50, Holmes says part of Anytime Fitness’ future plans will be a result of feedback from community members. “We want to wait and see what everyone’s interests are and then go from there.”

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