Was this an act of hate or ignorance?

This sign appeared in Smiths Falls not long after the upheaval in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Posted on: September 8, 2017


Racism and acts of hate don’t just exist in big cities or towns south of the border. Only a few weeks after the upheaval in Charlottesville, Virginia in August, this graffiti was spotted in Smiths Falls on the unused railway path by the Bascule Bridge.

One resident who walks that path regularly (and asked not to be named) wonders — have others seen this? Whats behind it? Does this imply hidden tensions in the town? Is it teenagers acting without thinking?

While the majority of the population of Smiths Falls is caucasian, there are people in the community who are not. But no matter the diversity of the town (or lack thereof) demonstrations of hate and racism are not acceptable.

* Update *
Since the posting of this article, Hometown News has been notified that the town is aware of this vandalism and is working toward a fix. 

The intent of this posting is to bring awareness to the topic of racism, not to offend. This is not an isolated incident as others have told us they have felt discriminated against or been on the receiving end of unsavoury comments.

This photo has sparked a lot of reaction from people, but the staff of Hometown News feel that everyone needs to understand that these behaviours exist even within our small community.

We started the conversation, we’re hoping our readers will continue it within their own circles and make Smiths Falls a place that everyone feels welcome.

2 thoughts on “Was this an act of hate or ignorance?

  1. Nancy Taylor

    This is sad, and I hope that it is just someone acting out of ignorance. Certainly in this day and age, with world news, I would hope for more tolerance. Especially in our mostly white enclave, we should not make people of a colour other than white to be uncomfortable.

  2. Vanessa Compton

    In response to your first question, I think it was an ignorant act of hate. This isn’t the same at all as the second question, which is deliberately vague and irresponsibly divisive.

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