All-terrain wheelchair is new feature at Lanark Lodge

Lanark Lodge residents now have access to an all-terrain wheelchair for use on the accessible Tay River Pathway
Lanark Lodge residents now have access to an all-terrain wheelchair for use on the accessible Tay River Pathway, which is located behind the facility. From left: Susan Roberts, Associate Director of Care; Kevin Carnrite, Recreation Aide; Glenna Churchill, Director of Care; Councillor Brian Campbell (Tay Valley), Chair of the Lanark County Municipal Trails Corporation and the Public Works Committee; Jennie Bingley, Interim Director of Lanark Lodge; and Lanark Lodge residents Doris Rutherford (seated in the new wheelchair) and Debbie Wilson. Photo submitted.
Posted on: September 14, 2018


Lanark County’s accessible trail – the Tay River Pathway – just got even more accessible for Lanark Lodge residents thanks to a new all-terrain wheelchair.

The Tay River Pathway is located behind the Lanark County Administration Building, Lanark Lodge and Perth Community Care Centre. The looped trail is 1 kilometre in length and passes by the Round Garden (designed for all the senses), a white pine reforestation and several donated park benches. In 2016, the trail was extended to the Tay River with a boardwalk and viewing platform, thanks to generous contributions from the community and volunteers.

This spring, members of the Lanark County Municipal Trails Corporation (LCMTC), which oversees trails in the county, discussed ways to overcome the issue of it sometimes being difficult to push wheelchairs on the trail, which has been finished with a layer of stone dust to help with accessibility.

“The purpose of the trail is to be a unique, fully accessible outdoor experience,” explained Councillor Brian Campbell (Tay Valley Deputy Reeve), who is chair of LCMTC and the county’s public works committee. “The group felt an all-terrain wheelchair would be a great benefit to the residents of Lanark Lodge in order for them to better access the Tay River Pathway.”

The initiative was spearheaded by Mr. Campbell in conjunction with members of LCMTC and Lanark Lodge staff. The wheelchair was locally sourced and purchased from Home Health Smiths Falls. It is available to Lanark Lodge residents on a sign-out basis.

“Accessibility is always at the forefront of our minds, particularly as we focus on developing and maintaining our trails, so I am really pleased that we were able to implement a solution so quickly to allow Lanark Lodge residents to fully access this tremendous outdoor experience we have in our own backyard,” Mr. Campbell added.