Am I the only one: Climate change

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Posted on: June 20, 2019
Carrie Wynne

Scientists from all over the world have confirmed that climate change is deeply transforming our world and swift action is required. Climate action has finally reached the top of the heap of priority issues and we’re now part of a generation that is going to form policy around it. It’s one of many topics that party leaders will run on in the fall election.

I’ll be listening for a firm unwavering politician with a whiff of sincerity to hold corporations and government agencies accountable and to address climate change and other issues that are important to me. Election campaigns and divisive brawls will not save our country or our planet but here we are to endure the actors on Parliament Hill audition for their role to reduce it.

Political leaders posture around climate change like it’s a popularity contest. They must appeal to different groups such as Corporations, Millennials and Baby Boomers, who all have different goals. Do they even care about the fish or the water they swim in?

The Liberals claim that a carbon tax will help reduce consumption and money will be rebated back to the people that need it.

Critics say it won’t reduce carbon and four provinces in Canada have sued the federal government for enforcing its plan in their jurisdictions. The story died down quickly as it should to protect the Tory brand. It turns out that suing a government trying to do something positive for the environment isn’t that popular among voters.

Are we to trust political leaders that sue each other, throw each other under the bus, tape each other and make excuses for inherited messes they haven’t cleaned up yet? I guess we have no choice.

We can’t afford all this big government and all its inefficiencies and what will the government do with the extra tax it receives? I would like to dismantle some of the hierarchy in the government so that we can go to one person and say, “hey, this isn’t working how are you going to fix it?”

Talk doesn’t cook rice. Good intentions won’t either. We need a productive and swift team, not corrupt, misguided, or busy with plain stupid policy making. Am I the Only One?

Column by Carrie Wynne

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    You are not the only one. It is BS to put more money into government and less left with the people they are supposed to represent. We must give government officials pay raises and golden pensions while the ordinary Canada lives from hand to mouth. YOU ARE NOT WRONG OR THE ONLY ONE. Canada must hold their government representatives accountable – all levels of government as they have all gone crazy.

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