Am I the Only One: Culture wars.

Don Cherry
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Posted on: December 9, 2019

Mainstream media is constantly pushing narratives that wind people up because strife sells better than unity.  Competing for eyeballs is like catching crabs: they throw us click bait and see how many they catch in the net.  

Here’s a recent example of how they get our attention.  Mainstream media took a moment on Coach’s Corner, gave it some click bait and it went viral.  I’m sure good old Don was cracking from the pressure as a public figure and the responsibility that it carries.  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks or as it seems, a new updated politically correct language either. His style and popularity are the exact opposite of that.  He’s too old to care or conform. Rogers Media tried to put Don Cherry in a box, and he said NO. Fair enough. I know 80-year olds and they don’t fit in boxes and follow new rules.  Besides, there are far better platforms for this hockey legend than cable television. In fact, we should all be looking for alternative media news sources such as podcasts for current events.  Society is already adapting as necessary by consuming our news differently.  

Podcasts let you hear from well-educated professionals on topics of interest.  When you listen to long form discussions you get the facts from experts, authors, politicians, activists, writers, reporters and intellectuals.  No click bait, no fear of retaliatory measures, no posturing or political correctness or pandering to corporate sponsors or public outcry. These conversations make you realize that people agree on a lot of the same issues and come very close on others as well. 

It is so tempting to believe we can be part of the solution by standing for or against something online but it’s an illusion. Engaging in divisive battlegrounds and bickering online with strangers allows them to sell us more ad space.  Engagement is the business model and they want you glued. Social media giants collect our information and sells our habits to companies to market ads. We’re being herded like sheep and it’s time to wake up if we want to continue to enjoy our freedom.  

People are quietly slipping away from the noise of mass media into more thoughtful rooms where discussions and ideas about current events and topics of interest can open and expand our view of the world.  

I’m growing weary of this outrage culture.  Am I the Only One?

Column by Carrie Wynne