Anti-idling bylaw proposed by Carleton Place committee

Stop Idling
Posted on: March 27, 2019

Bill Slade and Tracy Kwissa of the town’s environmental advisory committee made a presentation to council to recommend an anti-idling bylaw. Kwissa stated that 90% of the world’s children were breathing in toxic air and that they were the most vulnerable sector of the population in terms of health risks. She noted that by reducing vehicle idling, individuals could make a difference in an area where few can see the ability of one person making substantial change. She was requesting that town staff work with her committee to help create an anti-idling bylaw.

Councilor Linda Seccaspina spoke in favour of such a move stating ‘it was very reasonable’. Councilor Theresa Fritz asked how Perth was making out with their anti-idling bylaw which has been in effect for a number of years. Kwissa remarked that Perth was only levying a modest fine of $8 and that they had achieved a great amount of cooperation with public education. She stated that it was all about creating social acceptance around not idling vehicles. Clerk Stacey Blair told council no motion was required to have staff report back with their review and recommendations at a future meeting

Article by Brian Turner