Arts and crafts take over Thanksgiving weekend

Richard Hutton
Posted on: October 10, 2017

Harrison Field

The Crown and Pumpkin was back once again this year to show off some local talent during the holiday long weekend.

This year, the showcase has added 13 new artists, showing off a range of paintings, craft ales, photography, traditional Syrian food and more.

In total there were 18 stations around Almonte and Clayton, with just over 50 artists.

Crooked Mile Brewing, which is having their one-year anniversary Oct. 29, has opened their doors to the showcase and invited a couple of artist in.

“We knew as soon as we heard what it was, it was something we wanted to do,” said Nick Pruiksma, owner and head brewer at Crooked Mile Brewing. “We’d definitely want to do this again and if there are events like it we’d definitely be interested in doing those too.”