The Bears took away a 3:2 overtime win against the Ottawa Junior Senators

Posted on: October 8, 2019

The Ottawa Junior Senators came to town Sunday to meet the Bears in an afternoon game. A win on home ice still eluded the Bears so far this season, and the last meet of both teams here at the den just a month ago saw Ottawa take away the win during shootout. But this time around the Bears were on a hunt to exact revenge, and they were finally rewarded with a 3:2 win in overtime.

Ryan Richardson didn’t waste much time and opened scoring with a powerplay goal at 4:10, assisted by Brendan Dempsey and Alex Lewis. However Ottawa caught up at 17:28, also with a powerplay goal, shot by Owen Cole “C”.

The second period saw no further scoring.

The Bears edged out a slim lead with a score by Andrew McKenney 3:26 into the third period. Tate Leeson is credited with the assist. But the joy didn’t last for long, as Vincent Velocci used a powerplay advantage to balance the scoreboard again for the Junior Senators at 7:56. This put the Bears into a tough spot, going into overtime has often been their weak side.

But Justin Trudel used his chances to send the puck past Ottawa’s goalie Felix Schnell with a little help from team mate Bruce Coltart 2:47 into overtime to bring the Bears to a much awaited home win.

Justin Trudel was awarded First Star, goalie Jake Smith Second Star, and goalie Felix Schnell (OJS) Third Star.

Article and Photos by Chris Uhlig