The Bears take away a rewarding 4:2 win over the Grads

Posted on: November 4, 2019

Back in their usual Friday night spot, the Bears faced the Navan Grads at the Den. Displaying a more creative and bolder game play than usually seen, the team took away a rewarding 4:2 win over the Grads.

While the first period saw no official scoring, the Bears almost took the lead during the final seconds of the game. Shorthanded, the team, in a move far out of their comfort zone, still pressed forward and sent the puck into the net, only for it being annulled for being off-side. It remains to be seen if the team will adopt this more enterprising approach in the future.

Cameron McLean, aided by Theo Todd and Andrew McKenney, gave the Bears the first goal of the game at 14:34, the only score of the period.

Navan took even with Gabriel Crete’s goal at 4:52 in the third period. Bruce Coltart and Tate Leeson set up Theo Todd for a score at 8:41. But Navan followed suit and leveled the scoreboard at 10:11 with a goal by Jackson Arcan. Theo Todd however was on a roll this night and flung his puck during a powerpaly advantage into Alex Aslanidis’s net at 14:56, assisted by Tate Leeson and Ryan Richardson. Noah Adams, with some help by Tate Leeson and (surprise) Theo Todd, then went on to shoot the final goal of the game at 18:10 for the 4:2 final result.

Goalie Victor Desjardins took away First Star, Theo Todd Second Star, and Gabriel Crete (NAV) Third Star.

Article and Photos by Chris Uhlig