No construction scheduled for Beckwith Street redevelopment project in summer 2019

Downtown Smiths Falls Beckwith Street.
Photo credit: Chris Must.
Posted on: June 21, 2019

The Town of Smiths Falls reports the Beckwith Street Redevelopment project will not begin in summer 2019. Further information about construction schedules will be communicated to downtown businesses and the media as they become available.

On May 6, 2019, Smiths Falls Town Council provided unanimous support to seek grant funding under the provincial Connecting Links Program for the Beckwith Street Redevelopment project. This decision was part of Council’s continued efforts to seek out and maximize grant revenues being applied to the project.

On May 21, 2019, Council continued movement on the Phase 1 project by directing staff to enter into discussions with the Ottawa Greenbelt Construction Company (OGCC), a division of Tomlinson Group of companies, and the sole bidder on the project tender
which closed in April.

Discussions with OGCC are presently focused on exploring options to introduce project savings through value engineering efforts and/or revised staging options. Changes to the project, where recommended, will be brought forward to Council for consideration at a later date.

“Given the complexity of the Beckwith Street Redevelopment project, the Town is pursing all avenues to reduce costs to local taxpayers,” said Malcolm Morris, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Smiths Falls.

Based on the discussions underway, the Town is able to report that no construction activities are planned for the summer of 2019. Any additional updates on the project status will be shared with partners in the Downtown Business Association as they become available.

Applications have been filed with the Ministry of Transportation seeking $2.1 million for eligible works such as: reconstruction of travel lanes, traffic signal systems, intersection lighting and accessible pedestrian signals.

Other project features such as parking spaces, cycle tracks, ornamental lighting and street trees are ineligible for funding. Funding announcements for the Connecting Links 2019/2020 program are anticipated to be received over the summer months.

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6 thoughts on “No construction scheduled for Beckwith Street redevelopment project in summer 2019

  1. T

    This project will never be completed. Our current council council couldn’t organize a bake sale! If they hadn’t of messed up and submitted an ‘incomplete’ plan, over a year ago, we’d be onto phase 2 by now.
    Council went against the opinion of 80% of the residents, and reversed the design plan mid stream in the process. They did this after ‘reviewing’ previous council’s decision, over a two week period. Our past council spent over a year to decide on the first option. This council has not done their
    ‘Homework’ and are now seeing the consequences. Karma! Fix the infrastructure and put it back the way you found it, until we can afford any niceties! We have other, more important projects coming up. Stop waiting the taxpayers time Mr. mayor!

  2. Sherry

    Fix the infrastructure and put the street back the way it is (as you do on any other street). Freshen up the buildings add more benches etc but no need to spend millions on a total redevelopment that the majority does not want. Spend the taxpayers money where they want it spent…for example on Confederation Bridge!

  3. Christine

    Not to pour salt on the wound here, because I’m sure this news is a tough pill for some residents to swallow, but has Council now gambled the $900,000 for the underground sewer and water mains work because of a poorly researched vanity project?

    1. Tara McNeil Post author

      Apologies, the article was submitted to us, so I am not sure who the author is.

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