Bees, grape arbour part of The Table’s summer projects

Ramsey Hart, executive director of The Table Community Food Centre, presented some eye-opening statistics to Perth Committee of the Whole.
Posted on: February 8, 2018

Sally Smith

Ramsey Hart, executive director of The Table Community Food Centre, in Perth, presented a quick overview of the happenings at The Table at Committee of the Whole ob Tuesday, Feb. 6.

In 2017 there were:

  • 9,500 community meals served, three times per week
  • 3,737 food bank visits
  • 182 food skills and health sessions.

He added that 52 gardeners grew 1,737 pounds of produce, there were 597 visits to the Advocacy Office, 32 Social Justice Club meetings, and 28 Community Action Training participants.

New in 2017 was the ‘take what you can use of fresh produce’ program. He explained that instead of users taking only what they were given, they were asked ‘what do you think you’ll use’ and so went ahead and took what they needed and would use throughout the month.

In 2018 a new cooking program has been initiated — Flavours from your Neighbours. Participants get to taste and savour food from different countries, like the Philippines or Italy.

Also in 2018, bees, a grape arbour as well as deer fencing will be added to gardens.

Hart explained that one-third of people come to use the food bank once a year, one-third come about every four months (or about a third of the year), and one-third come every month.

Also new this year, during the summer, the Table is going to work with the Christie Lake kids camp.

He reminded council that this was the last year of the $15,000 three-year grant given by the town. For information on The Table, go to