Beloved tree in Stewart Park to come down

Young girl sitting in a tree at the Stewart Park Festival.
Best seat in the house during the 2018 Stewart Park festival. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: March 6, 2018


Perth’s historic Stewart Park is home to many beautiful trees, open green spaces, and majestic views.

A very central part of the park has been a large Silver Maple tree in the section of the park between the Little Tay River and the Bandstand. This tree has provided shade for many Stewart Park Festival goers for many years and is sometimes referred to as “Jessie”.

Unfortunately, “Jessie” lost a major part of her trunk several years ago in a wind storm which has resulted in the deterioration of the health of the tree.

Local arborists have completed an analysis of the tree and have reported poor structural attachment large wounds, and decay and hollows evident around the trunk and where the one large branch previously existed. To protect the safety of the public, it has been decided that the tree must be removed.

Town staff along with the arborists will inspect the wood from the tree limbs and the stump to determine if any of it can be used to create a lasting memorial in the park such as a bench or a table.

Perth Mayor John Fenik, says, “It is sad to see this tree removed however it is essential to ensure public safety. Council and staff are committed to keeping Stewart Park a majestic location in the heart of the town.”

Arborists will be on site on Thursday, March 15 to take down the tree. The public is asked to stay clear of Stewart Park during this time to ensure that the tree can be removed safely. This large tree will be replaced by at least three new trees in Stewart Park.

One thought on “Beloved tree in Stewart Park to come down

  1. David Marshall

    I hope there are plans to use some of the wood and create a wonderful piece to honour the tree in Jessie Mables’ park.
    There is an exhibit here in Victoria called ‘One Lone Tree’ where several artists took parts of a massive maple tree and created beautiful items from furniture to picture frames and utensils.

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