Better communication part of the Carleton Place plan in 2018

Posted on: January 24, 2018

Matthew Behrens 

Carleton Place staff are working to create an improved communications strategy to keep residents informed about the goings on at Town Hall.

In a report presented to the community issues committee Jan. 23, it was revealed that, among other improvements, a brief weekly meeting summary will be produced every Wednesday after council meetings. The summaries will be made available via an email subscription service.

Staff are also putting the finishing touches on a town website revamp, with a current focus on look and functionality. Part of the redesign is also intended to ensure ease of viewing on mobile devices. The town’s communications coordinator will also be assembling a report based on the website’s search results to determine the most sought after information regarding civic issues. Based on the search terms used by website visitors, an effort will be made to facilitate ease of access while ensuring current language is not overly bureaucratic.

Additional items will include an annual review available online and in print that highlights projects undertaken in 2017, provides a brief glimpse into planned projects for 2018, and illustrates  a general budget breakdown per department.

The staff report also highlighted the new Bright Ideas platform, a short list of important projects that are planned for 2018. The document “gives a summary of the project, estimated timeline for delivery and bullet points that identify the impact of the project on the community. This document can be used by council and/or staff to bring attention to and highlight some of the monumental projects being undertaken this year and to build some interest and excitement about these projects in the community. It will be used as a guide for media releases, social media posts and YouTube videos when releasing content relevant to each project.”

With an election planned for the fall, staff are also committed to ensuring the timely delivery of pertinent information while also providing opportunities to confirm with residents that they are on the voters list.