Big news coming about County Fair Mall

Posted on: December 13, 2016

By staff

The Town of Smiths Falls is inviting the public to join staff at the County Fair Mall on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 12:30 p.m. for the unveiling of some big news.

“It is with pleasure that we are able to announce this week exciting news which will ensure that neighbourhood residents and citizens of Smiths Falls will continue to access a valued commercial space in our town,” states a release from town.

Those coming to the announcement are asked to use the South Mall entrance ( the former Staples entrance next to Food Basics).

Photo by Howiada Sorour-Roberts


4 thoughts on “Big news coming about County Fair Mall

  1. Lisa Moore

    Why close the mall you take that food basics out then you leave us with the independent store which is expensive store for the people on a low income you took Zellers out of there and then brought in target then you closed that so the mall went down after that because there prices were high not as good as Zellers was.

  2. Gail Parks

    This little town keeps on reinventing itself. Love your
    resilience and attitude. We can all take a page from
    your book of can-do.
    Wishing you well and Merry Christmas. ūüéĄ

  3. Sharon Cavers-Dalli

    I grew up in Smiths Falls , going to the Mall was a Christmas Tradition. What is left in Smiths falls if they take it too.My ,Mom went everyday there for coffee & apple pie.She would be so disappointed at what has happened to Smiths Falls. She has been gone now for 26 yrs. , what a difference.

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