Construction update on Burritts Rapids Swing Bridge

Burritts Rapids Swing Bridge construction
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Posted on: June 1, 2018


Parks Canada’s project to repair the historic Burritts Rapids Swing Bridge will continue into June. While the contractor has made progress with several elements of their work their efforts are behind schedule resulting in delay and an extension of the planned bridge closure. While a specific re-opening date is not yet known, the revised estimate would see the bridge open to vehicle traffic in late June. Parks Canada continues to work with the contractor to expedite the work and to minimize negative impacts to the public.

Parks Canada had arranged for a temporary pedestrian crossing to be installed during construction. Construction will now overlap with a portion of the 2018 Rideau Canal navigation season. To ensure that the pedestrian crossing does not inhibit navigation, a modification to that crossing has been made that will allow a section to be removed allowing boats to pass during the hours of operation of the Rideau Canal.

In recent weeks work on repairing and painting the bridge pieces and mechanical components has progressed. Repointing work of the historic masonry abutments which support the swing bridge was also completed.

Parks Canada would like to thank the Burritts Rapids community for their patience and understanding as we complete these important repairs.

Through investments in infrastructure, Parks Canada is protecting and preserving our treasured places, while supporting local economies, contributing to growth in the tourism sector, and enhancing the charm and attractiveness of Canada’s heritage sites.