Canada’s Cannabis Project discussed at council

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Posted on: June 4, 2019

Nathanial Morris of Canada’s Cannabis Project once again introduced himself to council after a few months’ absence, to update members about plans for a living laboratory project.

Morris commented he’s had good feedback from the business community particularly Brian Paquette, owner of both the Axe and Arrow Gastropub and Café Whim. Morris said they have been developing a menu and he is “optimistic” they will “receive an experimental licence shortly.”

Morris went on to talk about “smart city technology” giving as an example two simple concepts — “garbage cans that know when they’re full and their app alerts garbage disposal” and “street lights that dim themselves.”

Morris said these concepts aren’t really high tech but work “synergistically” and “the town can benefit from all these technologies working connectively.”

The goal of the living laboratory project is to promote cannabis tourism through “scientific research” and approaching the idea “holistically as a town.”

Councillor Allen asked about regulating the amount in food. “They’ll roll out cannabis fused food in October. It will be strictly regulated in terms of dose calibration. There will be careful regulation of dosage, it will be chemically analyzed to make sure each dish has exactly the number of milligrams it says it has,” Morris answered.

Councillor McKenna asked about ethics surrounding the project; Morris answered there would be an ethics review as part of the process.

Article by Sally Smith