Carleton Place Band going on tour

The band Elementals
Alternative rock band Elementals are going on tour this summer. (From left to right: Jamie Speck, Sheehan Jordan, Duncan Reitböck and Cody Smith.) Photo credit: Submitted.
Posted on: July 10, 2017

Jane Hobson

Young. Passionate. Energetic. Loud. They call themselves Elementals.

After a few months of remodeling, the hiatus is over. The four-piece alternative rock band that started in Almonte is touring Southern Ontario and Quebec this summer.

The tour is made up of six shows, starting with two gigs in mid-June at Lobsterfest in Stirling, Ont. The band will head to Montreal to perform at Brasserie Beaubien on July 7 followed by a show at Minotaure in Gatineau on July 23. House of TARG in Ottawa will host Elementals on July 26 before the band heads to Toronto for the last gig of the tour at The Cameron House on July 28.

“These upcoming shows are the first ones we’ve done since March,” said Almonte native and Elementals front-man Cody Smith. After a previous band member split from the group earlier in the year, he said the band is eager to start touring with its new members. “We’re all pretty excited to get going again and start playing. We miss it a lot.”

Smith is the band’s guitarist and vocalist. Drummer Jamie Speck is also from Almonte.

“Jamie and I have been playing in this band together for three years [and] we’ve known each other since high school,” said Smith, 21. Duncan Reitböck and Sheehan Jordan, both from Winchester, joined the band in June. “They are good friends of ours who we are lucky to have them playing with us.”

Jordan takes care of guitar, vocals and auxiliary. Reitböck plays bass.

“We all have confidence in this [group] and in our songs,” said Smith. “All we can do is give [these shows] our all and see where we get. Our inspiration is writing honest music and remaining true to ourselves and what we believe in — hopefully that will guide us to where we want to be.”

And the road to success certainly looks promising. Now based in Ottawa, the band is currently awaiting the final mixes for its new record which the musicians hopes to release on vinyl later this year. “Other than that we are just focusing on playing lots of shows, hitting the road more and writing more music,” Smith said. “The goal is to hopefully one day get signed and be able to live comfortable playing music – but if our music reaches out to people and affects them in anyway at all, then that is fine with me too.”

Smith said Elementals feels like a family. “The band — for me — is all I’ve really got. I think that the boys feel that way too,” said Smith. “I think we feel it’s what we were meant to do.”

Elementals’ first album ‘I’m not here, I’m not real’ from 2015 can be streamed on Spotify and is available for purchase on BandCamp.

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