Carleton Place Committee of the Whole updates

Tracy Kwissa. Kory Earle and Mayor Doug Black
Tracy Kwissa and Kory Earle presenting a certificate of appreciation to Mayor Doug Black. Photo credit: Brian Turner
Posted on: November 13, 2019

At Tuesday, November 12’s session of Carleton Place council’s committee of the whole, the following were approved to go to the next full council session for ratification.

The committee approved entering into a 5-year contract renewal for police services with the Ontario Provincial Police.  New Ontario regulations will see every household in the province using the OPP pay the same flat rate with a variable charge added representing individual regions’ calls for service.  Staff was recommending that the contract be timed to have its renewal occur well into the next council’s term of office thus avoiding a new and possibly inexperienced group having to decide on the next agreement.

Public works director Dave Young proposed new four-way stops be installed at the intersections of William and Mullett Streets as well as Sarah and Woodward.  In addition he requested approval to enhance signage and line painting at Lake Avenue East and Francis Streets to improve compliance with the four-way stop there.  He also requested the committee’s approval to request that Mississippi Mills implement a 60 km/h speed limit on the 7th line of Ramsay as it approaches the town’s boundary.  The committee approved all his requests.

Town treasurer Trisa McConkey presented her year-to-date financial report to the committee with good news in the form of a projected substantial surplus by year end.  She noted 2 of the major reasons for this were the unexpected provincial Efficiency Funding grant of over $613K and a doubling of building permit fees.  Just over $1M has been collected whereas only $500K was budgeted.   She plans on using some of the surplus to cover certain road construction projects that went over their planned expenses.

During the full council session of the evening, People First President Kory Earle made a presentation outlining his group’s plans for the 13th edition of their popular Christmas Day Dinner.  He noted that this would be his last year chairing the project which provides a complimentary fully trimmed feast on Christmas Day to anyone attending.  The dinner will be held at the Carleton Place branch of the Royal Canadian Legion which provides the venue at no charge.  Over 2,500 community members have attended the event since its inception and as in past years, Bud’s Taxi will provide free transportation to and from the dinner and home delivery will be available.  He presented council with a certificate of appreciation for their support over the years and noted that the dinner had been “one of the most amazing journeys” of his life.  He received a hearty round of applause and sincere thanks from all around the council chambers.