Carleton Place community investment strategy has a $89 million price tag

Posted on: May 17, 2017

Matthew Behrens

Carleton Place treasurer Phil Hogan updated the May 16 meeting of the corporate services committee with an overview of the town’s robust, evolving 10-year community investment strategy, valued at $89 million.

While the largest ticket item on the plan was development (at $26 million), roads and sewer/water came in a close second at, respectively, $25 and $23 million.

“There’s a constant refurbishment of the streets in town,” Hogan said, noting the freeze/thaw cycle becomes costlier every year with dramatic winter weather changes. He noted that refurbishing one kilometre of roadway costs just over $1 million, and Carleton Place is responsible for maintaining some 60 kilometres of road.

“With a 25-year life, you need that kind of money spent every 10 years to just keep your roads in a reasonable condition, and that includes sidewalks, curbs, storm water system, and street lighting,” Hogan added. He pointed out that the town has a good record of maintaining the sewer system, with only two to three kilometres of pipe dating back before 1960.

Recreation for infrastructure including the arena, pool, and parks are budgeted for $8 million, while administration is pegged at $3 million, public works equipment at $2 million, and protective services – which mainly covers the fire department – at $895,000.

Revenue for those expenditures is generated via developers who are expected to pay $16 million, with $13 million via taxation, and the remainder with growth reserves, user fees, sale of lands, and federal gas tax.

Hogan was enthusiastic about increasing investments coming from the province, with a projected contribution from Queen’s Park of over $7.6 million. “The province has really stepped up from about $2 million over 10 years,” Hogan said, indicating that such contributions will soften the impact on local taxpayers.