Carleton Place councillor candidate – Linda Seccaspina

Linda Seccaspina
Linda Seccaspina
Posted on: September 12, 2018

Linda Seccaspina Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name:  Linda Seccaspina

Municipality: Carleton Place

Position Sought: Councillor

Currently Retired or Working (where?): Retired, Author-published 6 books and writer for Eastern Townships Sun magazine and the Sherbrooke Record

Former Elected Positions/Terms if applicable: N/A

Community volunteer experience (service clubs, local committees, fundraising, etc): While most do not consider it volunteering, for the past 4 years I spend 6-7 hours a day posting, researching and writing about Lanark County History.

Every day I do all the content on the Lanark County Genealogical Society, and created the Facebook pages: The Tales of Carleton Place and the Tales of Almonte. I feel it is very important to document as much as I can so future generations will have access to it with their media devices. In my personal view it is not those in power that made the towns– it is the people of the community that built it. That’s what is important to me– the people.

Top 3 issues facing your municipality and its residents that council has control or major influence over:

Affordable Housing

Senior Housing

A council that needs to work together, so we don’t have a repeat similar to the past 4 years. If a council does not tolerate each other, there is very little getting done at the helm for the town of Carleton Place in the next term.

Your solutions/approach to those 3 issues:

Four years ago I sat at the last candidates meeting and listened to hopefuls promise Senior Housing. What do we have now? A few units behind Carambeck Community Centre that may or may not be Senior Housing? Senior Housing is not profitable to a developer, building luxury 4 digit rentals on Coleman Street is.

There should be a mandate that if a private developer wants to build they must include a small percentage to be set aside for affordable or senior housing. I have seen mandates in other towns and cities that work and there is no reason we can’t also.

But if people don’t work together how do you accomplish this?  My advice? Know who you are voting for, and if you do that, we’re in business as my father would say.

Do you own (or have a stake in) or operate a commercial/industrial business in your municipality? (Including vacant development lands or rental units): No, I own my own home and own some shares in my late husband’s company that do include some property in town, but my kids don’t listen to me– so there is no problem there. Trust me.

Phone: 613-250-8814