Carleton Place seeks to clarify winter parking bans

Posted on: January 10, 2018

Matthew Behrens

With unpredictable winter weather, the current Carleton Place bylaw governing overnight parking bans to facilitate snow removal will be undergoing a review to bring clarity for residents who aren’t sure what to do with their vehicles when the white stuff falls.

Currently, over 800 residents receive electronic notifications of overnight parking bans, which come into effect any time Environment Canada forecasts a snowfall of seven or more centimetres. This includes any forecast that calls for a range of snowfall exceeding that amount  (i.e. five to 10 centimetres). Residents unsure whether the ban is in effect can check the town’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

According to the town’s Director of Public Works Dave Young, there have been a number of snow events already in the past month where the forecast accumulation did not trigger the parking ban, but required a full-scale plowing operation.

For example, some predictions have called for five centimetres overnight, but when another three to four centimetres have fallen the next day, it’s created conditions requiring activation of the snow plows that must navigate streets clogged with cars that are technically parked legally.

The town’s director of public services, Les Reynolds, told the physical environment committee Jan. 9 that “part of our education has been to tell people, ‘if it’s snowing, get your car off the street. If you’re in doubt, get it off the street.’ It always amazes me how many people still don’t get it.”

Reynolds said that during the significant pre-Xmas snowstorm, the town had to ticket and tow some 60 vehicles. Young added that plowing has already occurred eight times this winter, with three overnight parking bans.