Cash in-lieu of parking spaces goes to Town

Downtown Smiths Falls.
Posted on: June 20, 2018

Sally Smith

Andrew Hassoun is bringing a new restaurant to Town. Shawarma on the Falls, specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine, is set to open at 16 Beckwith St. N. The location, previously a pet shop, under the Town’s zoning By-law, requires that parking spaces be provided “to accommodate new, expanded and redeveloped land uses.” The By-law asks for eight spaces for the new business, reflective of the increased demand for parking anticipated with a restaurant; the previous use of the space only asked for four.  The property is zoned C-1 Commercial and the Zoning By-Law allows a 50 percent reduction in parking requirements for properties in the downtown core; the total supplementary spaces would then become two.

Because of the location, these spaces cannot be accommodated, and so the Town has agreed to exempt the owner from the parking space requirements by asking him to provide cash-in-lieu of on-site spaces. The Town’s fee schedule set the rate at $750 per space for a total of $1,500.

Funds raised this way are transferred to a specific reserve fund which is intended to be used to finance future parking improvements and spaces. About $12,000 is currently being held in this account.