Choked defeat for the Bears against Rockland Nationals

Posted on: February 19, 2019

Fortune hasn’t shone on the Bears games at the Den lately. The team almost broke the cycle at Friday’s game against the Rockland Nationals just to experience yet another tough 3-4 loss at the last moment.

Rockland first hit was annulled since the net had moved. However they still managed to score the first official goal at 12:27, an unassisted score by Simon Labelle. Rockland extended their early lead with another goal at 13:52 by William Collins. Joey Warywoda, assisted by Jacob Cuffley and Fletcher Anderson, finally managed to score the first goal for the Bears late in the first period at the 18:47 mark.

The second period only saw one more score, shot by Rockland’s Benjamin Pruneau at 7:30.

The Bears played a major game of catch-up during the third period. Jacob Cuffley edged the Bears closer to a tie with a score at 12:40, assisted by Fletcher Anderson and Peter White. A score at the 15:18 mark at the hands of Reid Russett with help from Ethan Coltart and Joey Warywode brought the much needed tie on the score board.

But Cameron Scrivens of the Nationals dashed all dreams of a win with a score close to the end of the first overtime period at 4:50.

First Star of the game went to Jacob Cuffley for one goal and one assist, Second Star was awarded to Cameron Scrivens (ROC) and Third Star went to Gunnar Smith (ROC).

Written / Photos by Chris Uhlig