Christa Lowry for Mayor – Ringing community endorsements for Council experience, deep family roots and committed leadership

Christa Lowry
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Posted on: May 7, 2018


With deep community roots and a family track record of public service, Christa Lowry is vowing to bring “The willingness to listen. The experience to lead.” as Mayor of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills including Almonte, Pakenham and Ramsay Wards.

In 2014, Christa was elected as a Councillor in Mississippi Mills and was humbled to earn the support of 82.4% of Ramsay voters – the highest percentage of voter support for any Council member in Mississippi Mills. She is an eighth generation Lowry and her family has worked the soil here for over 200 years. Christa’s great-grandfather Hollie Lowry was a well-respected Councillor and Reeve of Ramsay Township in the 1940s and 50s. Her Uncle Jim Lowry was also both Councillor and Reeve for Ramsay and received a Long-Standing Service Award from the Province in 2008 for serving in public office for 25 years. He then served four more years.

Christa will be announcing her platform, establishing a web site and finalizing her campaign team over the coming weeks.  An initial team is assisting Christa in this process.  The team contact is Judith Marsh, a former Senior Policy Advisor in the Federal Government. Judith strongly believes that Christa’s best contributions to Mississippi Mills will come as Mayor.

 “Christa has already contributed a unique and valuable perspective to the Mississippi Mills Council table. She asks lots of questions, consults with residents and colleagues and makes decisions after thoughtfully considering all information,” said Judith. “I encourage community-minded people to support Christa and join our expanding team.  If you would like to participate or support the Christa Lowry for Mayor Campaign, please contact us to get involved.”

Christa Lowry is committed to building a stronger community of neighbours and more economic opportunities in Mississippi Mills. “My philosophy is that working together is the best way to find solutions,” Christa stated. “And the best way to work together is through respectful communication. Anyone who comes to me with this approach receives my full attention, now and always, listening and discussing things as the neighbours that we are.”  

 “We are seeing many changes in our municipality,” Christa continued. “We are welcoming residents into our new subdivisions and along our beautiful rural routes. Manufacturing and food companies are attracted to our industrial park. A new generation of innovative agri-businesses are springing up in the country. We’re also seeing increasing numbers of retail and hospitality entrepreneurs being drawn to the tourist potential of our historic downtown areas and natural attractions.”

“We have so much to be proud of! But new growth can bring growing pains. Some residents are excited by change, while others are uncomfortable. My mayoral campaign slogan is ‘The willingness to listen. The experience to lead’. In my heart, I know that if we come together as a community of neighbours we will fall into step with each other, working side by side and shoulder to shoulder to cooperatively shape our future. It will take hard work, compassion, and committed leadership. If that’s what voters are looking for in their next Mayor, I’ve got my work boots ready! Join me as we come together!”

Christa grew up on her parents’ dairy farm just outside of Almonte, then spent a dozen years studying and working as a professional musician before transitioning to a career in the health industry. She holds a double Masters degree in music, studying at McGill, the University of Toronto and Laval University. Christa was a founding member of the Toronto Brass Quintet, and her music has been broadcast on CBC/Radio-Canada and recorded for the Analekta label.  As a trumpet player, one of her favourite contracts was performing on the re-recording of the “Hockey Night in Canada Theme” for TSN. After transitioning to the health and wellness sector in 2012, she currently works as a nutritionist.

Here are just a few of the ringing endorsements from community members who have already offered their support to the Christa Lowry for Mayor Campaign:

Scott McLellan from Ramsay Ward and Chairperson of Mississippi Mills Community and Economic Development Committee and North Lanark Agricultural Society Committee Member, stated: “Christa Lowry’s work on initiating an Agricultural Committee that reports to Council has resulted in better representation of the agricultural community in Mississippi Mills. I believe that her experience and efforts on town and country matters make her the best candidate for Mayor.”

 Alice Puddington from Pakenham Ward, a small business owner and respected community volunteer, said this: “A very wise, fair and open-minded woman, Christa Lowry knows how to make things happen.  We are most fortunate to have her commitment and dedication to our community.  As a proponent of sensible, responsive and responsible government, Christa’s the person we need as our Mayor.”

 Harold McKay, a lifelong resident from Almonte Ward, and well-known Broker at RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group, stated: “I have known Christa Lowry for many years and have found that she has always been unbiased and professional. Christa is a leader and a team player who understands the varied populace of our community. Raised on a farm in Ramsay, Christa is used to hard work, and getting the job done.”  

For more information or to arrange an interview with Christa, please contact:

Judith Marsh,, 613-256-2685 or
Christa Lowry,, 613-816-1716