Christa Lowry candidate for Mayor of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills announces release of platform

Christa Lowry
Christa Lowry
Posted on: August 13, 2018


The announcement of Christa Lowry’s platform on her campaign website at is the latest demonstration of Christa’s promise to bring “The willingness to listen … the experience to lead” to the office of Mayor of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills.  Over the past eight weeks, Christa has connected with over 350 residents through informal conversations in a series of “Meet & Greets” throughout Almonte, Pakenham and Ramsay.   The purpose was to allow conversations – citizens sharing their concerns, ideas and hopes for the future of the municipality.  In return, Christa gained insights which refined her campaign platform and ensured her priorities are a true reflection of the community.

The Christa Lowry campaign has started a series of videos entitled “Q&A with Christa” based on questions arising from these conversations.  Watch for these short, common-sense explanations on the website or on Facebook (ChristaLowryforMayor).

The result of these conversations is a platform reflecting both Christa’s values and the concerns and ideas of residents.  “During my years on council, I’ve heard many great ideas from citizen in our community” stated Christa on her website. “ As I developed my own policies and vision for Mississippi Mills, I promised myself to learn more about these ideas, so that my platform reflects your thoughts about what’s most important to you and your family.”

The main planks of Christa’s platform include:

Shaping Our Community from the Ground Up

Ideas from individual citizens to improve our community in the short and long term ranging from concerns with the availability of affordable and social housing to active transportation to recreation.

Economic Development & Quality of Life

Many of the economic drivers in Mississippi Mills are also contributing factors to what makes living in our community so enjoyable.  Christa proposes economic and community development projects that will make Mississippi Mills a great place to live and do business.

Engagement & Communication

Communication is a challenge in our community; not everyone has equal access to the internet and we have three different local papers.  Christa proposes both low-tech and hi-tech approaches to making sure everyone has access to understandable and useful information about municipal activities.

Taking Care of (municipal) Business

Planning is a necessary part of responsible government.  Reviews and updates to municipal plans are critical to improving our community and making sure our needs are met, now and in the future.   Christa proposes actions to encourage more citizens to participate by making the reviews easier to access and by arranging more opportunities for civil public discussion, based on factual information.

Community Collaboration

The last four years have seen many changes and much growth in our community.  New residents, new businesses and new ideas are exciting, but sometimes the changes can make things uncomfortable.  Christa proposes ways to encourage neighbours to come together through intergenerational programming, collaborative projects and neighbourhood space grants that will utilize the depth of talent, skills and knowledge in our community.

Mississippi Mills of the Future

What kind of community do we want to live in now and what will be our reality twenty years from now?   For our community here in Mississippi Mills, this means keeping an eye to the future when making plans.  It means taking view of not just the next four years, but beyond.  It means planning and investing in infrastructure and technologies that will support us now and down the road.   It means being ready to welcome and embrace societal changes in our community.   To do this, we need to be open and willing to learn about, listen to and anticipate each other’s needs.  We are already a diverse community and coming together as neighbours to work together is the first step towards defining who we truly are now, and in the future.

Christa was elected as a Councillor in Mississippi Mills in 2014 and was humbled to earn the support of 82.4% of Ramsay voters – the highest percentage of voter support for any Council member in Mississippi Mills. She is an eighth generation Lowry and her family has worked the soil here for over 200 years.  Christa’s great-grandfather, Hollie Lowry, was a well-respected Councillor and Reeve or Ramsay Township in the 1940s and 50s.  Her Great Uncle, Jim Lowry, was also both Councillor and Reeve for Ramsay and received a Long-Standing Service Award from the Province in 2008 for serving in public office for 25 years.  He then served four more years.

Here is a selection of the latest endorsements from community members who are pleased to offer their support to the Christa Lowry for Mayor Campaign:

Stephen Brathwaite – Developer:  “Christa is a bridge builder.  We have seen a lot of divisive issues in the last several years and people from all sides need to be heard and respected.  We need a mayor that can be strong but also compassionate. Christa is a thoughtful and measured individual who considers issues from as many sides as she can before arriving at a decision.  She is from a multi generation local farm family and her personal experience and education has given her a wide breadth of view. Christa is an experienced councillor through difficult times and has my support in her bid for the mayor’s seat.”

Marilyn Snedden – Retired farmer, lifelong community volunteer & local historian:  “So glad to hear that a quality person such as Christa Lowry, someone with personal knowledge of agriculture and rural affairs, is running for Mayor of Mississippi Mills.”

Sanjeev Sivarulrasa – Director, Sivarulrasa Gallery: “I support Christa Lowry’s brand of leadership – it’s honest, creative, and civil. I think she would be a great Mayor for our Town.

Penny Blades – Almonte In Concert Board: “Through her time on Council, Christa has consistently demonstrated a consultative, reasonable and balanced approach to decision-making. She is talented, articulate and as an artist herself values the contribution of the arts in our town.   Keith and I are confident in her collaborative spirit and we are fully supporting Christa Lowry as our next mayor of Mississippi Mills.”

Warren Thorngate – Retired Professor/Coordinator of Almonte Lectures:  “Recent years have taught me to be skeptical of people who run for public office. Too many run for the wrong reasons: ego strokes, personal gain, anger, revenge and such. Too many ignore the truth and misplace their promises. Think Trump.  Christa Lowry is a refreshing exception. Maybe it’s her farm roots or her musical training. She can handle bull, seeks harmony, and listens well. Christa is genuinely interested in us all, in our community and its future. She faces the truth and keeps her promises. In the old days, some of us called it character; others called it guts. I’ll vote for that.”

For more information please contact:
Judith Marsh,, 613-256-2685 or
Christa Lowry,, 613-816-1716