Christmas decor already on Smiths Falls DBA agenda

DBA Wreaths
Posted on: August 23, 2016

By Howaida Sorour-Roberts

The Smiths Falls Downtown Business Association (DBA) is already planning the downtown’s Christmas decorations. DBA Coordinator Nicola Thomson was on hand at the July 25 Committee of the Whole updating committee members and asking them to release some of the DBA’s reserve funds.

“Last year we had six lit wreaths and 10 holiday banners in the downtown area, but we received a lot of feedback that they were not impactful enough,” said Thomson.

In addition to the lit wreaths, the DBA owns old wreaths that need serious refurbishing. So, the DBA committee has decided to refurbish 18 wreaths that were damaged by weather and pollution and hang those, in addition to the six that were purchased last year, for a total of 24 lit wreaths.

“The total cost is $10,997.27 (HST included), we’re asking the town to release $1,900 from the DBA’s reserve fund, we already have $5,000 in the holiday decoration reserve fund, and $2,000 in the current year’s budget plus a $1,000 donation from Shoppers Drug Mart,” said Thomson, adding that this year the wreaths will be mounted a little lower at a more pedestrian friendly height.

The Smiths Falls DBA represents business within the downtown core, defined as Market Street to Maple Street, up Elmsley Street, down to Fort Hemlock Street and over to Centre Street at Bay Street.

The association is funded through a tax on commercial properties within that catchment area.

Photo: Showing off a sample Christmas wreath, Nicola Thomson, Smiths Falls DBA coordinator explains to council how the DBA plans to do a more robust job of decorating the downtown for Christmas this year. Helping her with the wreath was Sheldon Giff, owner of The Rideau Candy Shoppe on Russell. Street, and DBA member.