CNIB looking for puppy raisers

Andrew Hanlon, Manager, CNIB Guide Dogs & Karen Hanlon, Manager, Canine Development & Training, CNIB Guide Dogs with their daughter, Willow, and some of the puppies in training.
Posted on: March 1, 2018


If you’re a dog lover — specifically puppies — the CNIB has an interesting opportunity for you.

The CNIB recently launched CNIB Guide Dogs to raise and train guide dogs exclusively for people with sight loss.

CNIB is seeking animal lovers in Carleton Place who would like to be volunteer puppy raisers by taking a puppy into their home from the age of eight weeks to about 12 to 15 months of age when formal guide dog training begins.

The puppy raiser’s role is to provide a loving home to a puppy in training and to help prepare the pup through a supervised obedience and socialization skills program overseen by CNIB. All costs will be covered by CNIB.

CNIB Guide Dogs has been designed to provide the range of choices and services that individuals with sight loss have told us they want,” said Andrew Hanlon, manager, CNIB Guide Dogs. “Our focus is to train guide dogs to specifically meet their needs, with training philosophies that maximize success and a suite of supports to ensure every guide dog user has full enjoyment of their guide dog.”

There are almost half a million blind and partially sighted people in Canada. For some, a guide dog provides an unparalleled level of mobility, freedom and confidence —opening up the world in a whole new way.

“I think anyone who would like to have a guide dog should have the opportunity, so I’m pleased this new program will expand the availability of guide dogs in Canada,” says Victoria Nolan, Head, Stakeholder Relations and Community Engagement, CNIB Guide Dogs. “I’m also glad that advocacy on accessibility, the built environment and guide dog user rights is central to the program. Wouldn’t it be great if any guide dog user anywhere could get into a cab or have a coffee with friends without discrimination?”

CNIB is also looking for volunteer puppy boarders in Carleton Place to provide a place for the puppies to stay once they’ve started formal guide dog training. CNIB’s guide dog mobility instructor(s) would pick up the puppies each morning and return them in the evening. Puppy boarders may puppy sit once in awhile when a puppy raiser is ill.

To learn more about being a puppy raiser, visit the CNIB website, where you can also find an application form.