Colour palette again under scrutiny by Perth council

Image from Shadowfax Facebook page.
Posted on: February 8, 2018

Sally Smith

Perth town councillors were again hot under the collar when it came to discussing the heritage palette of colours for downtown Perth.

Stewart Bates of Antonio Way urged councillors not to agree to amend the Heritage Conservation District Bylaw. “We are in competition to attract businesses and new residents,” he argued. “We want to keep heritage Perth beautiful.”

Amending the bylaw would allow business owners to paint the facades of their stores any colour they like. Neither Mayor Fenik nor Councillor Jim Boldt voted for the amendment, which would keep the heritage palette of colours as a recommendation only, but would not be mandatory.

The amendment came about in response to a challenge by Shadowfax, a downtown store, painted in vivid purple, green and orange.

Councillor Judy Brown, chair of the BIA, feels there’s enough cohesion among business owners that the colour palette would be adhered to synergistically.

Council was assured that this was just the beginning of a long process and should they want to change the bylaw again, they could. In the meantime each downtown business owner has to be informed and the process registered with the Ontario Heritage Trust.

Staff are recommending to go ahead with an official notice of intent to modify the Heritage Conservation District bylaw. It will come back to council in future months.