Company chosen to build new docks for Le Boat in Smiths Falls

Surrounded by Le Boat staff members from both Canada and Europe, Managing Director Cheryl Brown cuts the ribbon at the company’s Canadian headquarters, the newly-renovated Lockmaster’s House in Smiths Falls. Photo: Chris Must.
Posted on: October 23, 2017

Chris Must

Kehoe Marine Construction has been chosen to build 15 new docks at Victoria Basin in Smiths Falls.
The docks will be used by Le Boat Ltd., which is beginning its luxury houseboat rental operations on the Rideau in May of 2018.

At a special council meeting on Oct. 23, Smiths Falls town councillors voted to award the contract to Kehoe, which submitted a bid of $284,550. No other bids were received.

“The references for Kehoe Marine Construction are very strong, with projects completed in the City of Hamilton, Trent Port Marina, Ivy Lea Marina and Gananoque Municipal Marina,” Economic Development and Tourism Manager Cyril Cooper advised council.

The docks, said Cooper, will be “heavy duty docks made out of metal and galvanized.”

Fifteen 10 by 20-foot docks will be installed in Victoria Basin. Sixteen of Le Boat’s houseboats are expected to arrive in January from Poland, where they were recently built.

Councillor Lorraine Allen expressed concern that the town might be missing out on an opportunity by not installing gasoline tanks (in addition to the diesel fuel to be used by Le Boat) at this new marina so that other boats could stop in Smiths Falls to refuel.

Cooper responded that this was something economic development staff could look into. Councillor Chris Cummings expressed concern that fuel tanks, which can no longer be installed below ground due to current environmental standards, might become “an eyesore.”

2 thoughts on “Company chosen to build new docks for Le Boat in Smiths Falls

  1. Ron Bos

    This is ridiculous. The town of Smiths Falls and surrounding municipalities including Parks Canada continue to throw money at this international company’s business venture that creates 10 whole jobs while local companies have been supplying pretty much the same services with no help from these same municipalities or Parks Canada and employ a lot more people than Le Boat anticipates .
    Parks Canada is even offering up the use of the National Historic Site lock master’s house in Smiths Falls to use as this private company’s office !

  2. Wayne Hughes

    We should have had a refueling marina here years ago. Perhaps a refueling dock at the old CTC building since LeBoat will be there. A boat launch and dock will need to be built for them and refueling station could be included.
    That way boats coming into town could refuel before entering the Victoria Basin. There is lots of room there for fuel tanks and easy access for fuel trucks and they would be out of sight. If we are going to do this let’s do it right and not say (we should have done that at the time!!)

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