Conlon Farm Rec. complex garage location vote deferred until September

Former mayor Lana March and Harry Hale urge council to defer vote on Conlon Farm Recreation Complex garage placement pending further input from community groups.
Posted on: May 17, 2017

Sally Smith

Perth town council listened to its citizens and once again deferred the Conlon Farm Recreation Complex garage location decision – this time until the September Committee of the Whole meeting.

On May 16, council heard from a delegation of former mayor Lana March, and Perth and District Little League representative Harry Hale, as to why there should be another deferral (the decision was initially set aside for re-thinking at a special council meeting May 9).

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March said she had been there at the beginning and at that time it took a leap of faithto envision what would be. Ive had the opportunity to watch it mature, I was proud to be in on the planning of it, and I hope it will continue to be a jewel in Perth. A lot of brainstorming went into it then and more brainstorming should go into it now.

Hale also disagreed with the town staff-chosen site for the garage, which is the south-end of the parking lot on the east side of the Legion ball diamond.

At issue, besides the location, is cost and supplying the garage with power. Also in question could be an already-signed contract to do the work. When asked, CEO John deRosenroll said that there was a clause in the contract to deal with issues that arise, and the company would be given notice to put the work in abeyanceuntil a final decision had been made.

Councillor Judy Brown asked if there were alternate places to store equipment  in the short-term.
Shannon Baillon, director of community services, replied well find somewhere to store it.

On a recorded vote, all stood in favour of deferring the decision except Councillor Brown.