Smiths Falls council approves plan for plaza redevelopment on Lombard Street

Rideau plaza
The empty Mac’s Milk will be demolished to make room for a new fast food restaurant as part of the Rideau plaza’s redevelopment on Lombard Street. Photo credit: Emilie Must.
Posted on: October 23, 2019

Senior planner Karl Grenke presented the plans for the recently purchased Rideau plaza on the corner of Lombard and Abbott Streets at a council meeting on Monday, Oct. 21. 

The plan is part of the Beckwith Street downtown revitalization project, which will help to ease traffic issues at that intersection. 

“We see this as a strained intersection with the swing bridge,” Director Troy Dunlop said. 

Every time the Abbott Street bridge opens for the boats in the tourist season there’s a long line of cars in each direction on Lombard Street. That is why the proposed plan will only allow one entrance and exit into the plaza.   

“They will be building a fast food drive-through restaurant,” Grenke said. “As well as removing the eastern most entrance on Lombard Street and converting the Abbott street entrance into a right only entrance.”

Currently there are three buildings on the property including the empty Mac’s Milk store that will be demolished to make room for an outdoor patio and green space. 

The green space will include six trees, benches, a bike rack and a network of walkways that will connect the buildings. 

“I like the idea of only one entrance and exit. I like the idea of an outdoor patio. I agree the site is going to be a beneficial one to the community,” Councillor Lorraine Allen said. 

“It’s a fantastic economic entity,” Councillor Niki Dwyer said. “It’s significant in size, it has well established businesses in it already and is ripe for a new business.” 

“I’m pleased to see this development. I think it’s a positive move,” Councillor Peter McKenna said.

Article by Emilie Must