Majority of council voted not to read letter Monday night

Smiths Falls town hall.
Posted on: May 28, 2019

Councillor Niki Dwyer suggested a more co-ordinated approach be taken to answering correspondence that has been sent to all council members. Traditionally, she said, it is the mayor who responds if sent to all council members; Mayor Pankow said he would do that with Mary-Kate Bridson’s letter.

Councillor Dwyer suggested there were certainly some valid points in the May 14 letter sent to each member of council about council’s decision-making process regarding Beckwith Street re-development; Bridson asked that the letter be read in council and that council take the time to engage in discussion.

A straw vote was taken with both Councillor Dwyer and Councillor Brennan voting to have it read; Councillors Alford, McKenna, Allen, McGuire and the mayor voted not to have it read.

The letter is available on the council website.

Article by Sally Smith

4 thoughts on “Majority of council voted not to read letter Monday night

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  2. Paula Bennett

    I’m shocked. If you can’t read a letter and discuss the legitimate concerns, then how can you represent the people who voted you all in? Hmmmm…..It seems like some are attempting to avoid certain issues which gives the impression of not “being transparent”.

  3. Christine

    Dismiss and insult. Seems to be the “SF Council 5’s” M.O. when confronted with legitimate concerns from the long-term residents of Smiths Falls.

    Thanks once again to Councillors Dwyer and Brennan for seeing why, no matter what difference of opinion might exist, the voices of the residents matter. It’s what the dual task of being a community representative and a community member really means.

  4. Dawn Quinn

    Over and over this Council , show how rude they really are. Won’t listen ,won’t talk . Thank you Councilor Dywer and Brennan.

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