Councillor Graff fumes over contractor mess

Posted on: May 31, 2017

Sally Smith

Councillor Jim Graff asked for Councillatitude at Perth council on May 30. This is going to  make me look like a grump,he continued, but he wanted his thoughts heard on messy contractors.

Before the council meeting Graff stood behind Town Hall and stared at a mess on the back lawn. Contractors should be compelled to clean-up their work sites on weekends,he told council members. It should be part of the contract that [work sites] be left in an orderly fashion.

Later on in the half-hour council meeting, Graff, along with the other councillors, unanimously passed a temporary zoning bylaw to allow a seasonal, mobile food vendor and farm produce stand at 240 Gore Street east for a period of three years.

Graffs comment, unlike his earlier  comment on messy contractors, was that the owner of this property keeps his yard clean.