Councillors challenged in cardboard boat race

Cardboard boat
Posted on: June 11, 2019

This is a Rideau Ferry Regatta year. The event, which started in 1909, now takes place every two years, and this year a fourth cardboard boat challenge has been issued to the municipalities involved.

Boats call for a two-person crew and are built before the event; decorations are encouraged. Paddles and safety equipment (like life-jackets) must be provided by participants.

The challenge is hosted by the Rideau Ferry Yacht Club, and preliminary information suggests “the preference is to have local elected officials participate.” Participants get a free pass to the Regatta.

Council members on Monday night handed the invitation off to staff to find eager participants in the building and racing of a cardboard boat. Councillor McGuire grinned; he was interested.For information, go to . Make sure to look at the 2019 information.