County continues to move forward with OVRT

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Posted on: March 31, 2018


Lanark County Council continues to work with all local municipalities on the development of the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail.

Mississippi Mills Council has indicated it opposes motorized trail use through the core of Almonte, where the former CP rail bed passes. A bypass would allow ATV users and snowmobilers to access the full OVRT without travelling through Almonte, but an option recently negotiated between the county, Mississippi Mills and trail stakeholders was deemed unsuitable due to safety concerns.

At the economic development committee meeting on Wednesday night, Warden John Fenik (Perth Mayor) highlighted a detailed report from Lanark County OPP that evaluated the proposed route and cited concerns for motorized trail users. The review was requested by the county.

“We’ve come a long way from the original option and there is a lot of compromise there,” he said. “That being said, Lanark OPP said there would be a risk to ATVs using that bypass option.” He encouraged council not to support the bypass in its current state due to the safety concerns.

Warden Fenik encouraged Mississippi Mills to bring forward other suggestions for consideration. “We will continue to work with Mississippi Mills to explore other options.”