CoW agrees to budget deviation of $2,000 for Perth Triathlon

Posted on: March 10, 2017

Sally Smith

During a Perth Committee of the Whole meeting on March 7, Shannon Baillon, director of community services, asked for a budget deviation of a mere $2,000 to kick-start the 2017 Perth Triathlon.

Now over 20 years old, the Perth Triathlon has become a tradition for new and experienced triathletes in the area. The event has been run by either the town, or volunteers of the Triathlon Committee, or a combination of the two. The recommendation in a staff report was that the community services department be in care and control of the 2017 Triathlon event.
Baillon asked for the $2,000 to cover present costs adding that the event “usually makes a profit.” The report noted that registration fees should offset this cost.

Any profit will be divided evenly between Perth Stingrays and the Town of Perth with the town’s portion designated to an indoor pool project.

The recommendation was carried unanimously by Committee of the Whole members and will go to council on March 28 for a final yes or no.