CPDMH gets new x-ray machine thanks to community donations

Posted on: December 8, 2016

By Jane Hobson

The Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital (CPDMH) invited donors to a private unveiling of the brand new digital X-ray machine at the hospital on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

“We are so happy and so thankful to have this beautiful piece of machinery here,” said Robyn Arseneau, the manager of fundraising at the CDPMH Foundation.

Mary Wilson Trider, CEO of CDPMH, was also present at the unveiling and thanked donors for their support.

After a formal ribbon cutting, donors were given a tour of the updated X-ray room. The machine has many features that make the X-ray process easier for staff, physicians and patients, said Christine Boast, manager of diagnostic imaging at the hospital.

For example, the machine is positioned over the patient and moved with a remote control reducing the need to lift or move the patient – the machine moves around the patient instead of vice versa. The X-ray images show up digitally eliminating the need to develop images until the right X-ray is achieved.

“This new X-ray machine reduces radiation by about 60 per cent [over] the previous machine,” Boast said.

The digital X-ray machine and renovations cost approximately $800,000 in total, all of which was donated.

“Something we really like to let people know is that this equipment is bought by the people, not the government – the donors are so important,” said Beth Hollihan, the chair of the CPDMH Foundation. “We want to have the best services for our community.”