Design of Perth sidewalk in 2017; construction in 2018

Posted on: February 21, 2017

Sally Smith

There is a plan to create a dynamic commercial business climate along the Highway 7 corridor on the perimeter of Perth, as well as in the town’s downtown business area.
The desire is to build sidewalks along the highway and Perth staff have consulted the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO).
The MTO said the requirement is a two metre width sidewalk and that existing ditches need to be filled in before construction. Grant Machan, director of environmental services for Perth brought a recommendation to Committee of the Whole on Feb. 7 to authorize this action.
However, due to the number of capital projects scheduled for 2017, it is recommended that the design of all sidewalk sections on Hwy 7 take place in 2017, with actual sidewalk construction commencing in subsequent years.
Councils preference is to start with the Wilson St. to Gore St. section (north side). Staff says the cost will be $74,480, and recommended that it be constructed in 2018.
Currently there is $44,000 allotted in the 2017 draft budget for the construction of sidewalks; staff recommends that these funds be used for the first section of design with the rest placed in a sidewalk reserve fund for 2018 construction.
The 11-year project is estimated at $1,144,650. Committee of the Whole members decided to defer the recommendation until Machan meets with the MTO in April, at that time it will come back to council. John deRosenroll, chief administrative officer for the Town of Perth, explained the town doesnt want to move ahead on design or construction until it knows what the MTO intends to do along the Highway 7 corridor.