Do you recognize this coin? Heritage House Museum seeks public assistance

Posted on: October 26, 2016

Do you recognize this coin?

“We had a lovely local couple pop by the museum this week to show us an interesting souvenir coin they stumbled upon. Ordered in a box of stuff from the internet, the coin made its way back to Smiths Falls from Sudbury, Ontario.
This one isn’t like the other coins we have from Settlers Days but it might be from around that time period, maybe a little earlier… Old Home Week in the early 70’s? We’re going to see if we can date it by looking at “the Gateway to the Rideau Lakes” slogan. Do you remember if this coin was made for a specific event? Any help is appreciated so that we can pass it along to them. Please share.”

Please contact The Heritage House Museum of Smiths Falls at (613) 283-6311 or visit them on Facebook at