Dr. Stewart gives Perth council fentanyl facts

Posted on: March 29, 2017

Sally Smith

During Perth council on March 28, Councillor Ed McPherson asked Dr. Paula Stewart, Chief Medical Officer, Lanark, Leeds, Grenville Health Unit to comment on fentanyl and opioids, saying she was leading the charge on fentanyl in the area.

Stewart assured that there have always been people using opioids but the change has come with the increased availability of them and the use of illicit fentanyl. “It’s cheap to make. You can make it in your bathtub, it’s here,” she said. “We are looking at what we can do as a community, collectively…It’s about education.”

Councillor Jim Boldt asked Dr. Stewart to list what to look for in someone who has overdosed. “Suppressed respirations, a hoarse cough and foggy,” she explained, which, if not seen to immediately, can quickly lead to death.

While at council, Stewart presented a plaque to Mayor John Fenik supporting and encouraging the town in its efforts to remain a healthy community.

She also hoped the town would add the Healthy Communities Summary Report to its website with pride.