Duke and Duchess getting ramp to help them over riprap

Smiths Falls Swans
Posted on: September 11, 2018

Sally Smith

Troy Dunlop, Director of Public Works and Utilities, reported Monday night “the pour on the deck” of the Beckwith old-lock bridge went well last Friday. This week expect to see “sidewalks get poured Tuesday or Wednesday, weather permitting.” He added that the “three days behind” has now lessened to “two days.”

The tender for sewer cleaning (an annual maintenance activity) was closed August 9; the bid was much higher than the Town traditionally pays, he said. He wants to negotiate with the bidder  “but certainly cannot consider paying the rates that were bid.

“There would have to be movement on their pricing.”

If, however, there is no movement, Dunlop suggested re-tendering.

He added there was still lots of time, and “it’s not uncommon to do this work late in year.”

Art Manhire, Manager of Community Services, took the mic.

  • The second ice surface is scheduled to go in October 1.
  • Tennis court sealing has to be done when “temperatures are above 60 degrees for a period of time.” Work is starting September 11, but may have to be “phased in” with a final coat in the spring. Manhire will keep council up to date.

Councillor Lorraine Allen asked about resident swans, Duke and Duchess. They’ll be moved when it’s “cooler.” Manhire explained that Parks Canada will be dropping the water level as the season progresses which makes it difficult for D and D to get over the riprap onto land. “We intend to put in ramps to give [them] access,” he added, and this means the Town can introduce them earlier in the year as well.

  • CAO Malcolm Morris told council that plans for the former water treatment plan are progressing “slower than anticipated” but that they are moving forward; both a project manager and an architect have been appointed and there should be progress within the next couple of months.