Empty nester – Don’t kid yourself it’s fabulous

Empty Nest
Posted on: October 25, 2018

Carrie Wynne

Carrie WynneThe drop-off was a moment of triumph and pride. It felt like an ending to a very long chapter that went by way too fast. I took advantage of the time that was offered to me and now that it’s over I’m so glad I did. As they settle in I can’t help wondering what they are eating, how are they managing their workload, what’s their overall well-being like? Are they getting enough sleep? I realize that I will no longer understand the full scope of their life the way I once did. It’s hard to let go, but necessary.

They say it’s a sad and lonely time for a new empty nester and, that’s not happening. We are relieved. This is a reset button for me and my husband. We get to re-establish ourselves as a couple and embrace the journey the same way we did when parenthood fell upon us many years ago.

Our kids new chapter might be called “How to live without Mom doing everything for me” and our chapter is called “Freedom”. It’s quiet, it’s clean and we don’t even have to cook if we don’t want to. We can start eating later at night like they do in Europe.

Moving out and getting them settled was hectic. They longer live downstairs anymore and we must sit back and watch from a distance while they show us how to live without us. We are beholden to respect that and move on, and that’s what we are doing.

I’m so thrilled they were mine for a short time and I had some say in the directions they took. Now I just get to bite my tongue and hope I can be privy to a little bit of what’s going on for them—the real stuff. Not the filtered for “Mom” stuff.

Right now, I’m stoked about this clean house and our 8 o’clock dinners.